The BlackKnight Guide To Camping

As you can probably tell by now, I am most definitely the “outdoorsy” type, and love to engage in activities that set you in the surroundings of Mother Nature.

And what better way to further engage with Mother Nature than to spend the night camping out, under a blanket of twinkling stars?

I love to camp, and there is nothing more satisfying than spending a night outside after engaging in some rugged outdoor pursuits.

Here are some tips I’ve devised over the years, which you too can use if choosing to camp it out overnight.

Pick a Good Site

I always avoid camping under trees that look like they may be dead, or at least have dead limbs. The potential for something falling on you is great in these circumstances, so best avoid.

Look for an area that has some cover, this could be beneficial should there be light rain. Also, try and get an idea as to where the wind direction blows – you don’t want your campfire blowing in on top of potential neighbours!

Pack A Little Sage

Few things are nicer in life than sitting around a campfire, maybe indulging in some beer and food. However, things usually take a turn for the worst when the mosquitos show up to ruin the party.

Your secret repellent? Sage!

Throw a little on the fire every now and then, and the Mozzies will stay away all night.

How To Start A Fire Easy

Simple – cheat!

All you need is 6 pieces of charcoal and a cardboard egg carton. Gather your firewood, pop the container underneath and set it ablaze! You will have an amazing fire in no time.

Use Foam Tiles for More Comfortable Padding

Have you ever seen those kids foam tiles, the ones that look like jigsaw pieces? Use those instead of those roll out mats (that are paper thin) for an incredibly comfortable nights sleep!

Pack Some Tin Foil

If you are considering cooking some food while out camping, tin foil is a real saving grace. I always have some packed away in my backpack. There is nothing that tin foil can’t cook, from sweet things like “campfire cones”, to baked potatoes and much more.

Don’t Forget A First Aid Kit!

You can put together a first aid kit with just a small few items. For example, my kit is and old Altoids tin with things in there like band-aids, antiseptic cream and burn relieving cream. You will not realise how important this is until you actually need it!

Going For A Hike? Mark Your Trail

It can be very easy to get lost in wooded areas, especially as the light begins to dwindle.

You can purchase high visibility tape in many camping shops that is also biodegradable, meaning you do not need to remove it as you cycle pack to your campsite. So not only are you being safe, you’re also being environmentally friendly.