BlackKnight Guide to Boating Safety for Spring

When spring is in the air, there is also excitement over the many things that you can do. There are camping trips, vacations to the beach, and boating adventures to enjoy. You can see them on the horizon and taste the water spray on your face. The thing is, often big problems follow the fun in the sun that you want to experience. Therefore, our BlackKnight guide to boating safety for spring is filled with helpful insights to how you can truly make the most of your adventures.

Preparation is Key!

Boating SafetyWhen we first start thinking about all the fun that we can have, we often forget some of the most basic safety precautions. We forget that we need to pack the sunblock. We may overlook the fact that our boat’s motor hasn’t been run in several months. We may even forget to check the weather forecast thoroughly in our excitement to climb on board. All these things could mean that your fun will end up being not-so-fun. We encourage you to plan and think about how to stay safe on the water, before you ever attach the boat trailer to your truck.

Important Things to Check This Season

One thing that should be done without you needing a reminder is that you should give your motor a thorough check. It is important. Whether you are going out in the middle of the ocean or the middle of a lake, you want to know before you go that you can make it safely back to shore. Your battery should also be something obvious since they do often go bad over the winter months when you aren’t using them often. You may want to use a battery monitor to make sure that your marine battery can hold enough charge for your boating trip.

Boating Quick ReferenceYou should check your life vests to ensure that they are not damaged or rotting. This is often one of the least thought of items on a boat because we do not use them most of the time. They simply get stored away and used only when emergencies come up, which is hopefully never. If you are going out into the ocean or the Gulf, you should also make sure your GPS is working properly so that you can find your way back home, even if a sudden storm rolls in. For this, you may also want to consider having a way to reach out for help. Flares and an emergency radio are all good ideas.

Enjoy Spring to the Fullest

A sad truth is that we often spend all winter cooped up, waiting for spring. Then we get excited by the possibilities once spring rolls in and we forget the basic rules of boating safely. Taking the steps to ensure you have everything fully prepared could save a life in the middle of an unforeseen problem. Having the right equipment in good working order, can make the entire boating trip much more enjoyable and safer for your family. Can you think of a reason not to?