Biking, Biking, Biking

Whenever we were kids we would love to go out biking in our neighborhood. The activity was one with lots of fond memories and also with some injuries. However, that never made us stop biking. The thing that did though was grown up life. When we got older, we had less time to go and have grand adventures as we had to work more and during the week we would rest and catch up on trivial stuff. If you are looking to change your weekends and get into the adrenaline rush life that you once had with your bikes than we have the perfect plan for you. Everyone that loved to bike is welcome as we only request that you know how to drive a bike and that you have an open mind.

We are creating more than one adventure so if you have reservations for a specific trip you can check out our other plans.

Mountain biking

bikeThe best way to start your adventure is, of course, going to the mountains! The mountains are always filled with beautiful nature elements, and the next little camping trip that you might need might just be in the woods with us. The customization of the trip is planned out with each group days before we set out all that we need from you are medical details about any health issues such as allergies and your time. Usually, the biking in the mountains will take anywhere from 3 up to 5 hours.

City outskirts biking

There are many parts of the city where you might have never thought you can go biking and enjoy it. The outside of the city has many locations where you can pick up a group of bikers and just have fun. The more bikers come, the bigger the course for biking will be but the most important thing when gathering for these events is to remember to have fun. Whichever plan you choose with us you are guaranteed to have tons of fun while you work out your body. Welcome to your new adventure time!