How To Enjoy Bug Free Outdoor Adventures

With summer just around the corner, people everywhere are excited about their outdoor activities. They are planning for barbecues and more in the back yard. They may be planning trips to the beach. Camping out in the woods and long fishing trips. The problem is, many people sacrifice their summer fun out of fear. They fear the insects that also enjoy the summer’s warmth. Do you know how to enjoy bug free outdoor adventures? Or are you one of the people who chooses to stay indoors?

The Bugs of Summer

Insects ExplainedThere are many outdoor sports and adventures to have on a summer’s day. For many, it is the only time that they can truly get outside. Winter’s snows have melted, and temperatures are enjoyable. The thaw that comes in spring, gives insects a place to thrive. It is often compounded by spring showers. Mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, no see ums, and more use damp places as a breeding ground. No matter how much you do around your home to prevent them, you will still find them. They are searching for you. They can travel miles to get to you. Are you ready to fight back?

Stopping Insects from Biting

There is never going to be a way for us to eliminate the entire population of biting insects. They live and breed faster than we can kill them off. In the past, we have used bug repellents to keep bugs off us. However, there is some concern that using DEET to prevent mosquito bites will cause health concerns. This means we have to look at other options.

How To Repel BugsOften, you can use essential oils to keep mosquitoes, pesky no see ums, and other insects away. Lemon, eucalyptus, and citronella are all very popular options. You do have to be careful though. Applying essential oils directly to your skin without a carrier oil, can be bad for you as well. There are mosquito clothing options that may also allow you to enjoy your summer to the fullest.

If you end up with pests in your home, you have other options as well. Indoor and outdoor traps are always a good idea for giving you control over pests. There are also foggers for around the home, tablets you can put into a body of water near your home, and more.

Take Back Your Summer Adventures

No Bugs Downhill RidingAfter the winter’s chill, we all deserve to have a lot of adventures during the summer. There is no reason for us to let the insects of summer have all the fun. There are plenty of natural repellents out there that can help you enjoy your fun season to the fullest. You should be able to go watch a sporting event or participate in it without bugs. Your family should be able to enjoy camping or spending time together. Are you ready to live out some big adventures without worrying over what types of insects may bug you?