Looking to Combine Sport & Outdoor Pursuits? Why Not Try Golf? Yes, GOLF!

If you are looking to play a competitive sport this coming summer, that is both challenging AND relaxing at the same time, something that features unspoilt & beautiful scenery and amazing walks, then golf is what the doctor ordered!

Seriously, golf courses feature some of the very best scenery you will ever see in your life. Many people miss this fact because they feel that golf is too hard of a sport to get into.

Isn’t Golf Just An Expensive Hobby?

Well, both statements in the header here could be considered as true – it CAN be expensive, and it CAN be considered a hobby.

However, the expense of getting started is all down to what you are willing to spend. A very decent set of 2nd hand golf clubs however, more than sufficient for a beginner, can be obtained very affordably.

And you don’t necessarily need specialist clothing when starting out either, such as fancy golfing pants, golfing gloves and spiked shoes.

These are all items that you may find improve your game slightly although, if you’re like me, you may be happy to do without.

How to Get Started?

You will need to have clubs and balls to play. However, you may find that some golf club shops may have a rental service available for visitors to the club. If this is the case, you can avail of this service to get a feel for the game.

If you have friends that golf regularly, try and tag along with them, and ask for tips on how to play. The basics are, for lack of a better word, basic.

However, the fundamentals of the game, perfecting your stance and grip for example, can take a while and many people still strive to perfect these, even after many years playing – it’s all part of the fun, however, to see the effect it can have on your game.

Taking Instruction:

If you do not have golfing buddies, it may be worth inquiring with your local club to see if they may have classes that you could attend, that will teach you the ins and outs of what you need to know to get driving down the fairway.

YouTube is an incredible resource also, with hundreds of thousands of instructional videos on everything from the perfect grip, to how to actually drive the ball (Without taking a huge divot of grass out also!).

Here’s one of my favourite channels:

It does take a little persistence, but as is with everything in life, it’s worth sticking with it, as the end results, the sheer exhilaration of having a successful drive, or long range putt, are well worth it.

I do love golf and whilst I crave adrenaline rushes, there’s a lot to be said for chilling with friends and getting competitive on the green.

Taking in your surroundings, walking around the velvet greens and putting some balls – are you ready to get your golfing shoes on this summer?

In no time at all, you too could be bitten by the addictive golf bug and will be heading for the club at the weeknights after work to perfect your swing.

Be warned, golf is addictive!