Singapore’s Best Airport Transfer Service is Blacklane

Travelling to foreign countries is as exciting as it gets for adventurous spirits, but it’s important to consider the implications of doing so. Bustling cities like Singapore are great places to visit, but it’s imperative that you prepare yourself for the chaos that ensues in one of the world’s busiest airports. If you’re keen on landing and getting right into the city to start your adventure, you have to decide on how to get out of the busy airport and into the city as quickly as possible. Well, that’s where Blacklane comes into the picture, as it is definitely the best alternative to Singapore’s taxi service.

Blacklane simplifies the hassle of getting into the city from the airport by providing a premiere Singapore Changi airport transfer service which is readily available upon your arrival. What’s important to note is that Blacklane isn’t just trying to mimic other services like Uber or standard taxis. They’re providing a service which leads the pack in terms of quality, luxury and efficiency in a very unique way.


How is Blacklane Different?

Blacklane is now available in 236 cities worldwide, including beautiful Singapore. All drivers are professionally licensed and vetted based on their reputability and standard of service. The vehicles available for clients are safe, modern and chosen based on their luxury and quality. In fact, clients have a choice of three car classes to suit their budgets or personal travel styles. Additionally, Blacklane’s mobile app is user-friendly and gives complete control to the client so that you can choose the trip that best suits your needs. You have three distinct trips to choose from:

  • Classic A to B trips;
  • Hourly hire;
  • Full-service airport transfers

How Does Blacklane Work?

Most taxi services, like Uber, allow you to request a ride directly on the app. However, the driver can refuse your request or, you may be waiting longer than you anticipated for your ride to arrive. Blacklane functions very differently and on a more professional scale, giving you full control of when, where and how you commute out of the Singapore’s Changi airport.

When you book with Blacklane, you are essentially booking an appointment with a driver. They will be sure to show up at the time and location requested so that you’re not waiting endlessly for your driver to arrive. You will be greeted at the arrivals gate by your driver, who will always have a personalized sign and will assist you with your luggage. Also, there is a free hour of waiting time included with all trips, so you don’t have to rush through baggage claim and customs. In case of flight delays and the like, Blacklane has an integrated flight tracker, so your driver is made aware of any delays or changes to your arrival time and can then adjust pickup accordingly.

When you book, you will receive emails and SMS updates for your convenience, so that you receive confirmation on your booking in real-time. And, of course, you can rate your ride once you’re done. It really is that simple with Blacklane.

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore in the near future, be sure to consider Blacklane for your airport transfer service option. Changi airport can be a difficult one to navigate, but Blacklane is sure to make the experience a smooth one. This way, you’ll be well on your way to visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world without a hitch.