Hiking for beginners

So, you decided you want to do something to get your body more physical activity. Well, have you considered going hiking?

Hiking can be a fun activity as well as one that is filled with physical activity and socializing with other people. If you want to go hiking but are unsure of how to approach the idea, then we have some tips for you.

Join a group with people of similar stamina

If you are not certain where you can begin, start at the beginning. Your look hiking clubs will have probably more than one group as some people like to go hiking for well over 5 hours and some want to go there to hike for two, tops three hours. If you want to hike less and still enjoy the adventure than you can join the group that takes it easy. If you are an enthusiast and you want to go for longer periods every time than you can join the tougher regime groups.

Bring lots of water

The biggest mistake people that go hiking make is that they don’t bring enough water. Most people think that once you get thirsty, you will make a break and take a sip of water at a fountain. However many don’t understand that hiking in nature means there is no water fountains, no taps, and no toilet stalls. If you want to go hiking prepared to go the bathroom before the trip and for the journey bring lots of water.

Bring your essentials


Before you go hiking you have to have a list of important things you have to bring for your safety.

– A map

– Compass

– First aid kid

– Flare

– sunglasses and sun protection

– a knife

– a small tent if you plan to spend the night

– a lighter

Never leave for a hiking trip without these, even if somebody else will bring them, there is never enough essentials on the road.

Good boots

Once you start hiking, you will understand that the biggest investment you will make in this activity will be in good boots to keep your feet from hurting. Good boots will bring you a long way when hiking.